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Caveat: If you’re a recent widow or widower over 80, I’d say you’re allowed to say things like “My grandkids tell me I’m…” in your dating profile. Oftentimes, senior singles will post a dating profile and try to skirt having to pay the membership fees by waiting until someone approaches them.

And then, only because they have to, will they shell out some money. If every senior single is passive, how will any of you ever meet for a date? First, approach prospective dates with a good opening line.

In my coaching practice, I see that some senior singles feel pressured to go out for dinner on a first date.

Don’t fall back on clichés, or you risk getting swiped on.

It’s a significant investment of you and your date’s time when really you just need to meet to vet for in-person chemistry and good conversation.

Leave dinner dates and serious conversation for a second or third date.

Or maybe you’ve seen a new movie or read a new book — that’s worth mentioning!

Too many mature singles use phrases like “My friends tell me I’m…” in their dating profiles.

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If you’re using photos from more than 10 years ago, you’re guilty of having a stale dating profile.

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