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A study of college students’ attitudes in the mid-1990s asked participants if they considered homosexuality acceptable or unacceptable: 43% said male homosexuality was unacceptable, while 38% said the same about lesbianism.

Significantly larger proportions, however, disapproved of bisexual men and women—61% and 50% respectively.

A 1974 article was titled “Bisexual Chic: Anyone Goes.” Around that time, the first bisexual organizations formed—in Boston, a bisexual discussion group, the Bivocals; and out west, the San Francisco Bisexual Center, which published a newsletter, the did not begin publishing until 2001, and books about homosexuality outnumber books on bisexuality by at least 100 to one.

Ironically, as bisexuality gained more media notice, some homosexuals stepped up their attacks, calling it a “cop out” or a “betrayal” of bisexuals’ presumed “true nature” as homosexuals.

Just as some heterosexuals still believe (incorrectly) that homosexuality is “abnormal,” some heterosexuals and homosexuals feel the same way about bisexuality (also incorrectly). Researchers first described bisexuality during the 19th century.

Their observations culminated in the early 1950s when Alfred Kinsey of the University of Indiana, America’s first scientific sex researcher, argued in favor of a “sexual continuum.” Kinsey’s huge survey of Americans’ sexuality showed that most people are exclusively heterosexual or homosexual, but that some fall in between in various degrees of bisexuality.

Six years later, the researchers repeated their study, this time recruiting through online sites catering to bisexuals.Many men and women who identify as heterosexual—and may well be married—have fantasies about same-gender sex.Some even engage in periodic same-sex play, and wonder if they’re really gay/lesbian.In one study, 80% of lesbians felt that way about bisexual women.The Real Lives of Bisexuals One myth about bisexuals is that they are involved with both men and women simultaneously.

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As many heterosexuals began celebrating sex for pleasure (as distinct from procreation) during the so-called Sexual Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, homosexuals began celebrating their own sexuality—and fighting prejudice and discrimination against them.

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