18 yr old dating 24 yr old college dating sim

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Tbh though age was never an issue for us, and you can't possibly predict the outcome just based on age - it depends what this guy is like.I would be concerned As others have said he should be at a totally different place than a 15 yr old girl who hasn't even done her gcse's never mind worked and lived as an may look and act 17 but he isn't. Do you know any other 24 year olds that you could use as an example of 'normal' iyswim?I dread my DD ending up in a relationship like that, but honestly, I don't know how you could prevent it as I was convinced I knew it all when I was 15. What matters is that she makes up her own mind about when and with whom to have sex, whether she is 15 or 55.

You have to question what an adult male wants from a teenage girl.

I would talk to your dd and makeknown your concerns.

I'm another vote for having had a 24 year old boyfriend when I was 15.

Let her come to her own decision as to whether it is a healthy relationship or not. I was a poor, skinny little under-developed thing to be honest, but pretty enough I suppose, .

but rather inexperienced with boys as because I had no 'figure' to speak of, I was convinced I was ugly and hadn't had a 'proper' boyfriend.

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Yes, I know they were supposed to be more difficult then - 70s, but I only got a BCCE, which was probably a grade down on each subject, compared with what I was expected to get. The acting like a 17yo is a warning sign to me - my DH wasn't immature, he was just him.

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