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2016 dating kuwait island

At the moment, over 140 settlement units can be found at Al-Qusur when combining the outputs of aerial photographing in 1960, and results of Italian and Kuwaiti-Slovak teams.

The GPR survey of the courtyard house 1 was carried out twice – in 2006 and in 2008 (Fig. In 2006 the data were collected along the profiles with N-S orientation on the area 50 by 50 m (Pieta/Shehab/Tirpák/Bielich/Bartík/Ďuriš 2007) and in 2008 along E-W oriented profiles on the area 60 by 70 m.

Evidence suggests that a growing number of consumers across the world are becoming more environmentally responsible in terms of their personal habits and lifestyles.

In our opinion, it is a standard type of early medieval courtyard house, typical for Al-Qusur site.

The oval feature in northern part of fence is, secondarily built on the ruins of the courtyard.

Failaka Island, the second largest and the only inhabited off-shore island of Kuwait, is situated 17 km east of Kuwait mainland, in the entrance to Kuwait Bay.

They can be found along the shores and approximately in the middle of the island and correspond with occurrence of known archaeological sites.

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The French Mission linked up to previous research since 2007. Archaeological and Geophysical Prospecting of Deserted Early Islamic Village Al-Qusur (Failaka Island, State Kuwait).