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Aasian dating direct 175 txt 175

Total genomic DNA was extracted from silica-dried plant material using a DNeasy Plant Mini Kit (Qiagen, CA, United States).

Genomic DNA was sequenced using an Illumina Mi Seq2000 sequencer. doi: 10.1186/1471-2148-14-151 Pub Med Abstract | Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Ito, Y., Tanaka, N., Albach, D.

The obtained raw reads were trimmed using Geneious v.7.1.9 (Kearse et al., 2012) to remove regions with chance of error greater than 0.05% per base.

The t RNA sequences were also confirmed by t RNAscan-SE (Lowe and Eddy, 1997). europaea using the ‘Map to Reference’ option implemented in Geneious. The mapping was conducted at medium-low sensitivity, and assembled reads were then de novo assembled with zero mismatches and gaps allowed among the reads. The outgroup comprised 16 species from Verbenaceae (3 species), Byblidaceae (2), Carlemanniaceae (2), Plocospermataceae (1), Gelsemiaceae (1), Loganiaceae (1), Strychnaceae (2), and Rubiaceae (4) based on previous phylogenetic analyses (Wallander and Albert, 2000); their sequences were obtained from Gen Bank. Molecular phylogeny of the cosmopolitan aquatic plant genus Limosella (Scrophulariaceae) with a particular focus on the origin of the Australasian L. The sampled taxa, localities, and voucher information are listed in Supplementary Table S1.

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The reads were then re-aligned to the resulting de novo contigs with zero mismatches and gaps and with 100 iterations. D., Basak, J., Gaudeul, M., Cruaud, C., Bertolino, P., Frascaria-Lacoste, N., et al. The phylogeny and biogeographic history of ashes (Fraxinus, Oleaceae) highlight the roles of migration and vicariance in the diversification of temperate trees. doi: 10.1371/0080431 Pub Med Abstract | Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Hong-Wa, C., and Besnard, G. Intricate patterns of phylogenetic relationships in the olive family as inferred from multi-locus plastid and nuclear DNA sequence analyses: a close-up on Chionanthus and Noronhia (Oleaceae).

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