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A few Newfoundland English expressions you may encounter: Unlike Newfoundland English, Newfoundland French and Irish are nearly extinct.Newfoundland French is distinct from other Canadian French dialects including Quebec French and Acadian French, and is generally found in the Port au Port Peninsula.Historically, Acadia (in French Acadie) was the name given by the French to a territory in northeastern North America, including parts of eastern Quebec, the Atlantic Provinces of Canada and modern-day New England stretching as far south as Philadelphia.Later, the territory was divided into the British colonies which were to become American states and Canadian provinces.The population of Atlantic Canada was roughly 192919 people.

In the abstract, Acadia refers to the existence of a French culture on Canada’s east coast.

Despite the region's strong Aboriginal and Acadian cultural heritage, it normally conjures up Celtic images for Canadian tourists, on account of the Scottish and Irish heritage of these provinces.

A fragment of Gaelic culture remains in Nova Scotia but primarily on Cape Breton Island, where Gaelic is still a dominant language in some communities.

Music is one the main carriers of local ethnic cultures here, and it is possible to hear both French and Scots Gaelic songs sung, on Cape Breton Island for example, despite the overwhelming use of English in daily life.

Although celtic influences are seen throughout the region, Newfoundland's music is distinct, incorporating much of the traditions of Irish and British sailors' and fishermen's sea shanties.

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Acadian French (le français acadien) is a dialect of French spoken by the Acadians in the Canadian Maritimes provinces.