Access denied updating

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Access denied updating

Also, why the hell did i have to waste an entire evening finding this solution?There are many, many threads on the page that don't have a response from a microsoft engineer. In fact, I only found the above answer because a user copy/pasted the answer from one thread to another.For example when i downloaded a zip file and tried unpack it in a folder in my documents, it gave me the error code "Access Denied" (using Win RAR). Press Windows key X and click Command Prompt (Admin) Type the following command and press Enter net user Administrator /active:yes To exit Command Prompt, type Exit and press Enter or simple click X on top right of the same window. Please feel free to reply in case you face any other issues with Windows in future.

Also, I did close One Drive prior to following the above solution (in the lower right notification menu: right click, select exit), as I have read one drive might have something to do with the underlying cause.

Tried going in and changing permissions even though they were all at full control, no change.

No matter what I changed I still got the same "You don't have permission to save to this location." Finally just got fed up and did a clean install. This thread talks about how to set permissions back to default.

Which is the reason i'm posting the answer here.

Reddit helped me, when forums and microsoft failed, with 2 install problems i had. Finally, maybe i expect too much, but I usually find searching for troubleshooting answers to be an incredible pain.

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I am pretty sure the problem stems from One Drive somehow resetting permissions incorrectly on startup.

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