Accommodating female slang definition

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Accommodating female slang definition

Barman - The bartender in a pub is called the barman. Also referred to as a woofter and a few rather unsavoury terms that you'll have to visit England to find out! I remember giggling every time James Burke came on telly when I was kid. The origin is quite interesting - it is another rhyming slang word that many people don't even realise is short for "Berkeley-Hunt", who was an 1890s stage idiot. You hear it when people are bitching about other couples they know who are very different to each other. Chav - Another of our lovely derogatory terms for someone from the peasant underclass. Clever clogs - Same as clever dick and smart arse - this is a wise guy. Copper - Either a policeman or the coins in your pocket that are not silver. Whenever an American tells me they have a room mate I worry about them sharing a room at their age - or even question their sexuality!

Loaf - My Dad was always telling me to use my loaf.They are the professors at Oxford or Cambridge universities. If two guys are in bar and one of them successfully chats up a girly, his mate becomes a gooseberry and feels a bit awkward!You would feel a bit of a gooseberry if you accompanied a couple on a date.It means use your head and comes from rhyming slang.Loaf is short for loaf of bread, which rhymes with head.

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Anorak - No - not an article of clothing (though it means that too), an anorak is another word for a nerd or a square. A bit old fashioned and only used by your Dad or Grandad. Cack-handed - Someone who is cack-handed is clumsy.

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