Adam child dating in the dark

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Spanning three timelines and diving into the intricate connections between four families in a small German town, was already somewhat difficult to follow before Season 2 premiered.With the eight new episodes adding an additional two timelines and introducing even more characters (and connections!Adult Hannah and Adult Egon flirt.~ Adult Tronte and Adult Claudia are having an affair.~ Summer: An explosion at the power plant causes the leak of radioactive material and creates the wormhole. 7: Teen Ulrich is arrested for raping Teen Katharina after Teen Hannah comes forward as a "witness." Adult Jonas arrives from 2019 to visit Old H. Tannhaus and asks him to fix the machine so he can destroy the wormhole.-- Nov. Child Mikkel/Michael and Teen Hannah formally meet at the hospital.Teen Ulrich and Teen Katharina tie Teen Regina to a tree as a prank.~ The power plant starts cooking the books.~ Adult Noah arrives in Winden and becomes the new priest.~ October: Adult Jana sees Adult Noah arguing with Adult Helge.-- Oct. Old Bernd shows Adult Claudia the radioactive waste in the caves on his last day running the power plant. Yasin is transported to 1953 through the chair, but dies in the process.~ Aleksander Köhler goes missing.-- Nov.Furthermore, Bell worked in several movies that made an impressive collection at the box office. As per nationality, she is British and belongs to Mixed ethnicity (Scottish and Irish descent). The actress is the daughter of Peter Bell, an architect and Mina Ezzati, a nurse. Adult Magnus and Adult Franziska activate the God Particle, enabling Old Jonas/Adam to leave for 2020. Child Helge says he heard of Old Claudia from the White Devil.

Her girlfriend, Brooke is a Scientologist, photographer, and a party planner.

Teen Hannah tells Teen Katharina that Teen Regina was the false witness to the rape. Teen Aleksander rescues Teen Regina from Teen Katharina.

Adult Claudia discovers Gretchen, who had just arrived from 1953.

12: Adult Claudia hires Teen Aleksander to weld the door between the power plant and the caves shut. Old Helge confronts Adult Helge and asks him to stop working for Adult Noah, but Adult Helge doesn't listen. Teen Jonas arrives from 2019 to save Child Mikkel/Michael and bring him back.

Adult Helge and Adult Noah kidnap Teen Jonas before he can.

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Teen Jonas wakes up after being bandaged and leaves for the caves but the passage won't be finished for another 32 years. Tannhaus and instructs him to build the machine to set the course of time straight.-- Nov. Adult Agnes tells Adult Noah that Old Claudia has the missing Triquetra pages on her in exchange for being let back in to Sic Mundus.