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Tre says she had been bullied by her for the whole season. But then Tre says that she’s her own person and that Caro really isn’t bullying her.Basically, it seems like she’s saying she doesn’t consider herself to have been bullied because she doesn’t let it affect her.Wow, Tre must be awfully powerful to be able to break up sisters.

You sit here and bash my marriage and my husband…” The memory challenged Tre says, “I’m not bashing your marriage.” Mel says, “Yes, you did, you did ALL season long – and when you finally get a taste of your own friggen medicine…

Some more fighting ensues, but Rosie shuts everyone up and says, “You can say whatever you want to say about me and my sister, because no one will ever break that… we get to talk about that RV trip that lasted for only like 82 episodes!

nothing.” Tre says, “God bless.” Rosie explains that after she struggled a lot, that she came out to her mom after her father died and her mother’s reaction was that she wouldn’t trade her for a billion dollars. Andy said it was fun to see everyone getting along.

Then they start in on how Caro and Jac were there for Tre when the bankruptcy hit and also when Mel and Kathy first came on the show.

Tre insists she didn’t know they were coming on the show and that it hurt her. Caro emphasized again how rude she was to Mel and Kathy at first and that she had to apologize to them for her behavior.

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She lamely brings up that Caro didn’t accept her apology…