American vs danish dating

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American vs danish dating

The Population numbers 5.5 million people, and the population density is 120 people per square kilometer.

The capital is Copenhagen with around 1.2 million inhabitants, and is a delightful place to visit or live, and to enjoy an old, historical city center and a large network of pedestrian streets, bicycle paths, and parks.

It is a bit of insane hypocrisy, this false appearance of progressiveness because these people feel it's okay for a white man to date an Asian woman, that immediately reverts to all-out racism because an Asian man dating a white woman is seen as an abomination.

They give it to the women too when they date a black man.

Denmark has a Strong International Commitment as a member of the European Union, the Nordic Council, the United Nations and NATO.Denmark is a Modern Welfare State and a constitutional monarchy with a record of kings and queens dating back to year 1000 exist.A democratically elected government and a parliament, govern the country.The Official Language is Danish, and most people understand and speak English.The number of immigrants has doubled over the past 20 years and now corresponds to roughly 5% of the population.

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In Denmark it is possible to combine the atmosphere of buzzing city life with the relaxation of beautiful Danish countryside, clean beaches and green forests; all is within a short distance from each other.