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You may have heard us on your favourite radio stations Heart, LBC and Gold!JOIN FREE today and browse plenty of like-minded singles online.Once we uncover a fresh chat room that may interest you, we will include it in our regularly updated list!Absolutely nothing comes close to the sensation of chatting with strangers.Use our encounters feature to match with people you like and start chatting today.Hello You is a safe and trusted environment where meaningful relationships begin, so if you’re looking for love you might find it sooner than you think!

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Chest:6.57x Waist:4.57x Hip:5.57x Thigh:3.43x Bicep:2.43x Neck:2.43x Calves:2.29x Forearm: 1.86x Feel free to make minor adjustments to the ratios outlines above if you notice proportional issues upon further examination, however if you can meet the metrics above, from an aesthetic perspective you will be in the top 5% (more likely 1% in the adult world).

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