Asp net c listview itemupdating

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Asp net c listview itemupdating

This is in working condition including pagination if you have any problem let me know.control is probably the best among all data bind build-in controls in ASP. There is one drawback though: you need to know exactly how control works with other controls such as the Data-Source controls and despite the fact that Visual Studio allows to configure the control via the Design mode from the Smart Tag, the most times you will need to change the generated code in order to function do this insert update delete in List View in asp.netwe required different types of events which are for insertcommand updatecommand deletecommand and cancelcommands.go to the code behind of this page and paste following code you need to modify the command text i.e.More over, mind that configuring advanced controls such as It is really easy to understand.We added a new Entity Data Source control with the same connection name “Movie Store Entities” in order to use our Entity Framework’s generated entities.To give you a taste about how our List View will look like, take a look at the following picture which will be the costumized template for displaying Review objects.Before starting you need to know about our database tables. relationship between those tables, where a Genre can have many reviews attached and a review must be bind to only one Genre.

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We declared we want to support Insert, Update and Delete operations through the following properties: In the above code you can see that you need to define the control you want to retrieve the parameter value from, plus it’s type and it’s respective property.

Our datasource is ready to be used and fill a List View control so let’s add one right below the dropdown list. First of all we declared the Layout Template where we told that we want our items to be displayed as unordered list items.

Your page with these two control should look like this right now.

Request your page in a browser and make sure it works fine. Instead of dropping a List View control in our page, something most developers do, here we will choose a different approach.

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