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Type the stock ticker symbol into the next Microsoft Excel dialog box.

If the user wants to update the stock quote in the future, choose "Use this value/reference for future refreshes." Also check the second check box if you would like the information to refresh on its own.

Office 365 subscribers will notice a new Stocks data type appearing on the Excel data tab.

With it, you can get current data from the internet related to companies from 60 different stock exchanges around the world.

Finally, select "Microsoft Excel" from the Microsoft Office menu.

Click on the "Data" menu from the Microsoft Excel main menu screen.

For example, if the value in cell A2 is Microsoft Corp., then the formula require brackets.

A dialog box will appear with a list of established data sources.

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Using formulas, you can keep track of their latest stock price, trading volume, and other information.

As with the new Geography data type (see the December 2018 column, M), the Stocks data type isn’t supported for customers who purchased Excel 2019 or Excel 2016.

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Currently, the data comes from investment research company Morningstar Inc.

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