Benefits from consolidating databases

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Benefits from consolidating databases

However, today’s cutting-edge business leaders are also turning to Oracle Database Cloud Exadata Service, a Paa S (platform as a service) option that delivers the power and world-class engineering of your Oracle Exadata database, delivered in a usage-based cloud model. But there’s a potential problem with Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service, and it lies in costs.

As you know, improperly managed cloud usage can be expensive, and reasonably large-sized companies that have hundreds or thousands of databases may find that their Cloud Exadata Service environments are using up resources much faster than expected.

These days, many business leaders are choosing a multitenant option for their on-premises Exadata database because it offers high levels of flexibility and an easier-to-manage shared environment that runs multiple databases under a single hardware appliance.

If you’re looking for a clear understanding of how consolidating your multitenant database can reduce your Paa S footprint, Centroid would be happy to set up a proof of concept, so you can see the benefits for yourself.Often there are duplications of effort across different databases, costs incurred by multiple software licenses, and data protection issues.Data consolidation is the process of putting all an organisation’s data in one integrated place.The Cloud Exadata Service also offers these same benefits, but without the Cap Ex of on-premises hardware.With the rise of big data analytics pushing data warehouse requirements ever upward, along with the concurrent spike in always-on OLTP application usage for global companies, modern businesses are finding that they need faster, more reliable environments that can instantly and seamlessly adjust to rapidly shifting workload needs.

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In the current economy, businesses are seeking ways to become more competitive, more efficient, and more able to anticipate and meet client needs.

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