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So where is this "obsession" with ethnic Jewish women? I don't know a single soul who has a burning "obsession" for these ethnic LI and SI women. Non-ethnic Jewish women such as Scarlett Johansson, Kate Hudson, or Rachel Bilson are sometimes attractive and desirable.But, we all know their level of physical attractiveness has nothing to do with how Jewish they are.Traditional American ideals of beauty (tall, thin and blonde) do not always match up with Jewish genetics, and body issues leading to damaging hair-straightening treatments, rhinoplasty, and eating disorders are not uncommon for Jewish women.To see an article lauding Jewish women as beautiful and sexy could be considered a triumph, in a bizarre, "fun house mirror" sort of way.As Judith candidly put it in our conversation about this article, “Anything that fetishizes or stereotypes a whole category of people is never a good starting point.” In the piece, Noxon attempts to explain the attraction to Jewish women.

In our very first post, we explain our reasoning for embracing the word “Jewess,” which had to do with the revolutionary 19th century magazine The American Jewess, edited by Rosa Sonneschein: “the first English-language periodical aimed at American Jewish women, hitting on everything from women's place in the synagogue (we should be able to 'drink directly from the fountain of religion') to whether women should ride bicycles.” We decided to reclaim “Jewess,” despite the reactions of many who found the term to be weird, old-fashioned, or reminiscent of the unflattering JAP stereotype.We did not address the idea of the Jewess as an ethnically exoticized object of sexual fetish, though some commenters did.This article reminds us that this discussion is far from over. According to an article in the men’s magazine Details, “Jewish women have become the ethnic fetish du jour.” And in true men’s magazine fashion, Christopher Noxon revels in the opportunity to eroticize and exoticize Jewish women; using dehumanizing terms like “cultural mutt” and “JILF,” meaning “Jew I’d like to…”—you get the idea.This article does little more than call attention to the misogynistic trend it then goes on to abuse for shock value, and Irin Carmon does a great job of breaking it down at Jezebel.

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Yet, to see “Jewishness” accepted as beautiful is not exactly the same thing as being the object of a fetish.

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