Blackberry appointments not updating google calendar restore iphone without updating

Posted by / 27-Sep-2020 20:49

Blackberry appointments not updating google calendar

Before we launch the Google Sync application on your Blackberry, let’s focus on some of the reason you would want to use this application (benefits! As a Mac Book user, I have to admit I’m less than happy with the syncing provided by applications such as Pocket Mac.

Future releases will undoubtedly be better, but at the moment I am experiencing a very spotty sync, with appointments being added or removed at random from both i Cal and my Blackberry.

To be clear, I need the information from a calendar on an Exchange server to actually list itself as a calendar on a Gmail account so that it can be synced from Gmail to a phone.

This means that sharing the calendar isn't going to work, as the Exchange account would still be the owner of the calendar.

This process may take time depending on the number of items in your calendar.

This article will guide you through the process of re-syncing your Exchange calendar on your Android device.I’ve not tested it with an Exchange calendar but see no reason as to why it won’t work for you. This program here seems (on initial testing) to work for me from Exchange to Google Calendar: is limited to syncing within a 30 day range, but as this is so I can see my current meeting schedule on my phone this works fine for me.It allows you to select from your available outlook & google calendars to pick which ones you want to sync, along with which calendar should act as the "master" calendar.If you notice that your Android phone is no longer properly syncing your Exchange Calendar events, please follow the instructions below to re-synchronize your calendar with the Exchange server.This Article describes the most common menu on Android devices.

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