Boonex dolphin dating

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Boonex dolphin dating

Also on the Home page of the site, could the Dolphin 7 Google World Map ([url removed, login to view]), near the bottom, replace the Boonex News Box and could the Ads Box, (bottom right), replace the Members box which is under the Boonex News box, (which I would like to removed from the site’s homepage along with the Boonex News Box section.) I would like the Site Stats to be replaced by a Description Box of the Site that I can add to on later OR the Latest News Box.

Could the ‘Join’ button, be changed to ‘Request to Join’ –Membership Therefore in reference to the first section, there should be the following tabs: Account, Group1, Group2, Groups, Group3, Group4 & Group 5, Group 6.

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Firstly, all I would like to be done is to create 6 Group Sections with the existing tabs.

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The screenshots below will give you a preview site how the admin demo looks like.

You can also download the free site of the app using the link below and set up your own Dolphin demo to learn more about its features.

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Secondly, could you alter the following fields in the sign up page: ([url removed, login to view]) Could the Creation of a Profile Type display a Student, Professional, Business or Charity Section (4 in total)This will be for registration purposes.& Could you please remove the “Looking For” dating option in the Miscellaneous Info Section.

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