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Brant daugherty dating

Regardless of whether or not a medical breakthrough will be able to save his head, he feels very fondly about his time on every day, to be honest with you. I had no experience when I got on that show and they really gave me a chance to blossom as an actor, and we had seven incredible seasons with this amazing fan base and everyone was so enthralled by the show and so enthusiastic, and it's left a big whole in my life,” he raved. “I’ve got to say, I'm able to move on and do different things now, but I do miss it, of course.

Peta and Brant are both smart enough to realize that and capitalize on it, so don’t be surprised if this turns out to be little more than a showmance to gain public favor.Recovering from literally having your head separated from your body is a tall order (even on television), but that doesn’t stop the actor from hoping he’ll make an appearance on the spinoff."It would be tricky.They could put my head in, like, a jar maybe or flashbacks maybe.Here’s the link to a downloadable PDF so you can print the list, circle your favorites and share with family and friends. ' And the rest of the 96 percent of you is in character.”Obviously, things are going to get a little steamy onscreen and Daugherty is anticipating the reactions of his close friends and family when things heat up.

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Pretty Little Liars star Brant Daugherty wed actress Kim Hidalgo in a star-studded ceremony on Saturday.