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Today, many fragments of wood are claimed as True Cross relics, but it is hard to establish their authenticity.The story of the fourth-century discovery of the True Cross was reported in Jacopo de Voragine's The Golden Legend published in 1260.The medieval legends of the True Cross provenance differ between Catholic and Eastern Orthodox tradition.These churches honour Helena as a saint, as does also the Anglican Communion. not made by hand) images reported to be of the face or body of Jesus impressed on cloth have been displayed.

While some individuals believe in the authenticity of Jesus relics, others doubt their validity.The accounts of pilgrims to Jerusalem report the Crown of Thorns.In 409, Saint Paulinus of Nola states the Crown was kept in the basilica on Mount Zion in Jerusalem.Two images are claimed to be the Mandylion: the Holy Face of Genoa at the Church of St.Bartholomew of The Armenians in Genoa and the Holy Face of San Silvestro, curated in the Church of San Silvestro in Capite in Rome until 1870, and now in the Matilda Chapel of the Vatican Palace.

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that included the lore of saints venerated at the time.