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Coalport dating

The presence of lead in the glaze had an adverce effect on the brilliance of enamels laid over it, particularly the delicate tints and those prepared from gold oxide.With the new lead-free felspar glaze Coalport won the Isis gold medal of the Society of Arts.They bought the Caughley pottery in 1799, set up another at nearby Jackfield a year later, and shortly afterwards moved the business to Coalport.By 1796, when John Rose, Blakeway & Co moved from Jackfield to their new factory at Coalport they were producing a good quality hard-paste, fashioned in many instances after those of Flight & Barr of Worcester.Luckily for John, he was apprenticed to Thomas Turner, an eminent engraver and potter with a revolutionary approach to making porcelain.

It was called "Coalport" after the coal that was transferred from canal to river vessels at this junction.

The outstanding designs followed Caughley and included the Willow pattern and the Broseley dragon printed in two blues - a pure cobalt and lavender- touched with gold.

Painted decoration was sparce on the ordinary table ware with simple floral designs in the New Hall manner.

His younger brother Thomas Rose established a china works at Coalport in 1800, in partnership with William Reynolds (replaced after his death in 1803 by Robert Anstice) and William Horton.

The wares of this short lived factory were also made of hybrid hard-paste porcelain which had minor differences in the moulding of shapes and applied decoration and are very hard to separate of those of John Rose.

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Furhter technical impruvements in the early 1820s made it yet more purely white, finer textured, with a high white translucency.