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While we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8), making it possible for us to receive forgiveness.

He requires us to confess and forsake our sins when we come to Him, but He receives us just as we are, then begins to change us as we submit to Him in obedience.

My face was okay, the smaller glasses looked decent on me, and when I smiled my nose scrunched up kinda cute, so people said. When I know for sure I'm truly happy, I'll let you know. When he left with the cash, my mom packed his stuff and tossed it out into the rain.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a cynical moody bitch person like I appear, when I'm around people I smile, I laugh. My mothers voice sounded as she walked through the hallway. That time he'd gone to some NA, uh, Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and sobered himself up.

I mean, you were gonna *marry* her." "Ahuh." "I To stop myself from thinking about it, my hand expertly found its way between my thighs.

If you come to Christ as someone who enjoys the night life, you can continue in that path, and use it to “reach others for Christ.” This may be a popular message, but it directly contradicts Scripture which clearly says that these things from our past lives should be left behind and that our former friends will think us strange for doing so (1 Peter 4:3–4).

Romans commands us to walk honestly, or decently, no longer participating in the licentious lifestyle of the world.

There was a familiar tingling between my thighs and I stood. It wasn't really coming back, I guess, since we hadn't officially broken up, though all my friends thought we had, and I was still dating Lindsay, who was my age. Dad had been snoring in the back pew and she'd gone to ask him what was up, I mean, he was related to my nana, as I called her, but my mother wasn't blood to her. Jimi was taller than him, about six three, my father stood six foot.

"I'm taking a shower" I said bluntly, shutting off all the programs I'd been on and walking into the hallway. She, if either of them, would be the one disinterested. I stopped to wonder, then, about my being a part of this family. Jimi was doubled over, crying, my father leaning over, hald him in a head lock and was hitting him.

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I think it stands by itself, although I don't dwell on my schizophrenia here, or the sexual abuse by my cousin Jimi, and you should read both. I don't own the song "Come as you are" Whoever gets the royalties for Nirvana and whatnot, and anyway I'm not making any money off this, my friend Angela requested that I keep writing about myself, and my current boyfriend Tom encourages it because he says it's like therapy for me. I do that a lot, date people because I've been turned down, before I had Lindsay, I'd agreed to date a girl named Shannon because Lindsay had turned me down at first. Tom told me that as long as I needed to break up with Kim, it would be okay. As I came I could picture my face in my mind, my mouth a straight line, my lips tight, I doubled over with the shudders, my nostrils flaring with the effort to breathe.

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