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Conn connstellation trumpet dating

2) I have also noticed some of the 1960s "Side Scroller" and possibly "Top Scroller" logoed trumpets/cornets that have serial numbers in the 100,000 range.

These obviously are NOT subject to this serial number chart.

I am told the 80A has a duo bore or "expanding bore" main tuning slide: the top half is a #2 (0.468") bore, the bottom half is a #2½ (0.484") bore.

1) Some of the modern Buescher labeled trumpets from the 1970-present that have serial numbers that do not correspond to this chart.

For all intents and purposes it looks like someone put a silverplated slide on a lacquered instrument.

I suppose you could say these were transitional models leading up the 1955 version of the 80A (see separate entry).

We stripped the very shoddy original lacquer off the horn, professional cleaned it, resoldered a loose brace (you can see that in the pictures), and it's good to go. Check out a clip of me playing an 80A (not this one for sale) below: No case or mouthpiece included otice the micro-tuning mechanism or "opera glass" just forward of the first valve.

This 80A being a later version doesn't have the mechanism that automatically adjusts all slides when the main tuning slide is pulled out to A.

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I do not know if an Elkhart Serial number list exists or not.

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