Cystic fibrosis dating each other

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Cystic fibrosis dating each other

About 70,000 people worldwide have cystic fibrosis, which is usually diagnosed at a young age.A progressive genetic disorder with no known cure, it causes constant lung infections and difficulty breathing.No, the average person doesn’t deal with these things.But everyone, every single person, has their own battles they face. Though the battles of someone with CF are great, it is our perspective that determines the effects they can have on our relationships with others – in this context, on our relationships with potential partners.For this reason, dating with cystic fibrosis or any other chronic condition can be very daunting, frightening and viewed as more challenging than “normal” dating.“Normal” people don’t have the health issues we have to deal with.Other people, like me, think it’s a pathetic for profit attempt to capitalize on a very narrow issue that gives a lot of people with cystic fibrosis extreme anxiety and stress: cross-infection between two kids with CF,” he wrote.

These walls make it difficult and usually impossible for those wanting to get close to us to break down.

I like the reference, “Everyone bears their own cross.” We all struggle with issues that we as individuals have to deal with in our own ways. Perspective, the viewpoint from which we approach a situation, can either be in a positive or negative light. But those inhibitions, those fears about their judgment of us doing breathing treatments or coughing, it’s a struggle within ourselves.

If we view our disease as a negative and think about how it prevents us from doing things such as going all day to a festival with a date because we don’t want to have them see us doing treatments, or declining a hiking trip to the mountains because we simply cannot walk those inclines, we limit ourselves from potential possibilities. I believe once we accept ourselves for the way our bodies are and have been created, we convey authenticity about ourselves.

“Normal” people don’t always cough, they don’t have to deal with taking medications in front of someone on a date they don’t quite know yet.

They don’t have to deal with that first tune-up hospitalization after you have been seeing someone new for two months and they feel uneasy or even panic, thinking there is something horribly wrong.

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