Daniel maltzman dating lauren

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Daniel maltzman dating lauren

If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged, redirected, or deleted.Daniel Maltzman (born March 9, 1963) is an American artist known for his Pop-Surrealist paintings.Obviously at the mixer I had to make a choice and I picked Lauren. More than anything, I love what I do and know how rare that feeling can be.She is the nicest girl around and so easy to get along with. I grew up in Beverly Hills and have maintained a relationship with most of my old pals, many of whom have seen the previews for the show.Maltzman is known for his frequent involvement with local charities.

Daniel takes his date to a posh restaurant in Los Angeles and then to his art gallery for a special surprise.Patti sends Chris to meet with one of her specialists, therapist Mitch Newman, who challenges Chris’s ideas that older women “have baggage” and can’t keep up with his active lifestyle.At an intimate mixer that Patti has put together, both men are put to the test.Patti refuses to help him and thinks he’s a big kid that won’t grow up.Instead Patti turns her attention towards two new millionaire clients — Daniel Maltzman, a celebrity artist whose works sell in the range of to k a piece, and Chris Palzis, a mellow surfer who grew up in Hawaii and doesn’t care about money or status just as long as a good wave is about to break.

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I was depicted as a cocky name-dropper, but that is not me at all.