Dating a close female friend widows widowers dating site

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Dating a close female friend

Since your third friend is married, it's best not to continue the relationship even if you're romantically interested in her.If you truly want to remain as only friends with her, then it's important for you to set boundaries and avoid crossing them.Even when she has nothing to say she will still text the "hi" or "Hi," messages just to get a response from you to know that she is still in tune with you throughout the day. Jealously will play its part also in this situation because she will not like the thought of you being around other girls or talking to other girls if she knows that you have feelings or an attraction to them.

Depending on your feelings for her, you might want to take action.She also sometimes goes a bit quiet and has a slightly depressed look on her face until I talk to her.The other day she said that she wished she could hang out with me (We can't for various reasons beyond our control) as she thinks I am the most interesting person she has ever met.These are all very good signs that she likes you as more than just a friend, but the only true way to know is to ask. If you're not ready, you can test her by standing close to her, making eye contact and even putting your arm around her shoulder and see how she responds.If she seems comfortable with it, consider that a good sign.

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My second friend brings me gifts and completes my assignments, projects, and reports on all of my subjects and is more than happy to help, and when I asked her that - is she in love with me?

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