Dating compared to marriage debate inc vs dating daan

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Dating compared to marriage

Don’t keep focusing so much on what your teammate is doing.

In football, it’s important for the players to depend upon their coach to straighten out the “wrongs” their teammate is committing. Team spirit is important, everyone working together, combining their talents for success. Keeping score on each other, can often lead to problems. HELP when it’s good to do so, yes; but don’t take over God’s job.

Another similarity I came up with, is that with both you are expected to be a part of a “team.” Those with a singular “I’m in this for myself” mindset shouldn’t enter into either one of these commitments. Below are some additional similarities that come to my mind.

(Some of these may overlap a bit.) As you read them, allow the Holy Spirit to talk to you as to how this applies to marriage: If you’re not committed, then don’t play, if we’re talking football here.

Or if you aren’t willing to build your skills so you “win” together, then don’t even enter into either football or marriage, in the first place.

We’re told there will be “” that will come to us in life (John ).

The principles for loving each other are the principles for living, which are there for your guidance throughout the Bible.

It’s vital to know what’s in it and APPLY what you learn!

You are not the one who is to take over, and do what He wants to do.

And don’t pull a “Sarah.” She was the wife of Abraham, who essentially seemed to think that God wasn’t doing what He promised fast enough, so she came up with her own solution (see: Genesis 16).

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If you aren’t working together as you should, or you’re up against a huge obstacle.

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