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As big sellers, the MIJ ’57s were everywhere, and you did accordingly acquire a slight ‘reissue blindness’ when walking into a shop.

Made by the plant which had shocked Fender USA with the quality and accuracy of the first Japanese Fender Vintage Reissues in 1982, these attitude-drenched and irresistibly pretty bundles of joy could still be found brand new at sub-£300 prices ten years on in the early ‘90s.A lot of people don’t really ‘get’ the progression of Fender’s Japanese Vintage ’57 Reissue Stratocasters on the UK market through the course of the 1980s and into the following decade.The picture is confused by a change in the guitars’ branding, a massive price increase, and a degree of evolution, but once you’ve budgeted for that, it’s very straightforward…Especially unique neck plate stamping includes those serial numbers that start with a "o" or "-" sign (1957 through 1958), stamping at the bottom of the neck plate (1959 through 1960), double stamping and overlapped stamping.Number sequences ranging from four to six digits represent neck plates that were stamped between 19.

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They were players’ guitars of the highest order, and even in the early ‘90s, in terms of charm and magnetism, they were still putting the typical American Stratocaster to shame.

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