Dating former high school classmate

Posted by / 09-Mar-2020 03:33

Dating former high school classmate

I'm a 26F and for the last 4 months I have been seeing the father (57M) of a former high-school classmate.

The man's name is Nick and his daughter's name is Vanessa.

Depending on the person she could take it poorly...only thing that creeps me out is the "For context" bit that you posted.

After high school graduation Vanessa and I lost touch and had absolutely no contact for years.

A few months ago I bumped into Nick at the shopping centre, he said hello, we got talking and he asked for my number.

I didn't realize how fucked up the age gaps were until I was older and not looking at the relationship with those biased rose-colored new-relationship glasses. It feels a bit odd to me too, and it is likely Vanessa will be unhappy, but you and he are both consenting adults and what we here think about the age gap does not matter in the slightest.

If you and he are both happy and treat each other well, who gives a **** what random strangers think.

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Keep in mind you cannot keep it secret from Vanessa forever.