Dating marriage in tanzania

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Dating marriage in tanzania

But now it’s not only for those unable to have children.

Some women choose not to marry a man because they say they want to avoid domestic violence.

At 45 I was not able to have children and I had to look for a new family to give me an heir to my property,” Chacha says while she feeds two of her children.Within a few years of that marriage, Nyambura demanded that I have to look for my own food,” she says. She fled from the marriage and her parents had to return the cattle paid as a dowry.She says her union with Nyambura was unhappy and she was used “as a slave to just work and produce on her farm and look after her cattle”.“She wanted children from me, which I bore her, but the relationship was unfriendly. Chacha says the man who impregnates the younger woman is paid with food or a goat.In some rare cases, a man may return to claim a child, but Chacha says this can be avoided by choosing a man who is not known in the village or who is known to be irresponsible.

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