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Dating orgasm denial

“Hmmm” she says, pursing her lips, “maybe later, darling.” She is unable to resist breaking into a grin as his face floods with panic; his scream as she pulls away is simply delicious.The sobbing starts just as she gets his blindfold back on.

She gently reminds him of his lack of choice in the matter and, keeping her eyes fixed on his, peels off the hotpants.If this is your first time trying female orgasm denial, my suggestion would be to take it nice and slow. The first couple of times may be awkward, but that’s only because you try to figure out what works for you. If you’re the submissive, you need to know how your body works.Take some time on your own to figure out which masturbation technique suits you the best, if toys help or if you prefer fingers.They stay like that for a long moment, his expression hard and hungry, her smile calm as she clenches against his twitches.He flexes in his bonds, but he has no purchase – all he can do is look up at her and fuck her with his mascara-smeared eyes.

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