Dating soldiers and their homecoming

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Dating soldiers and their homecoming

Alexander Mc Henry, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, examines unit photos at Fort Sill, Okla., from Operation Iraqi Freedom during a regimental week Oct. Veterans and friends of the 13th Field Artillery donated many items, some dating back to the Korean War. The run paid homage to heroism from the unit's Soldiers in France during World War I, where artillerymen marched from Esnes to Malincourt and overcame withering fire from heavy German resistance, an act earning them the title Red Dragons.

Six-man teams from each battery and company took turns pushing two 75 mm howitzers along the trail.

Several battalions can trace their lineage to the regiment."I enjoyed seeing the modern rocket unit that the Red Dragons are now, compared to the 105 mm M102s we had in the mid-1970s.The biggest shock for me was to see women serving in the unit, since during my time they were not allowed in any combat arms jobs.Since joining the unit, I've grown personally and professionally, made three promotions, served in each of the batteries, and met amazing friends and mentors.I'm very proud to say that I've been a Red Dragon for so long, over 10 years," he said.

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Throughout the week, Soldiers participated in several challenging events designed to build teamwork, trust and camaraderie while promoting knowledge of the regiment's history.

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