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Datingforparents co uk

Now its just a scam with fake messages that never get opened. All the photo's and profiles, apart from the few who, like me, are MUG enough to believe the fake bullsht they advertise, are fake and from OTHER website's also owned by CUPID PLC.Yes, Cupid is a PLC shares company and all they do is build scam dating websites for money.

However, they do give you some free 'ice breaker' type messages, so I deployed a few of them - and voila plenty of replies, which I couldn't read. Read Full Review Please steer well clear of this site or anything to do with

I discovered yesterday that they have taken almost £250 from my Pay Pal account since then. Sadly that came to an end and last year I resubscribed to Df P. It had changed completely to yet another fake profile, fake email bait and switch scam.

Does anyone else here feel like jointly suing them for fraud ? Read Full Review Written on: 08/10/2012 I've just found that out for myself - joined the site free, set up profile and received email notifications stating I had received private messages.

Of course you have to be a "Full" member to read these.

I decided to take the plunge and paid for a 6-month subscription only to find the messages were not private at all - they were the "Icebreaker" messages that Df P encourage you to make (Obviously knowing that people will then get the same notication message and be tempted to pay for membership).

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You don't have to agree to a monthly subscription, even if you opt for a three day TRIAL they will take more money every WEEK.

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