Default offline address list not updating

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Default offline address list not updating

As a learning progression, by all means start with GUI Exchange Management Console, but note as each Wizard completes so it shows you the corresponding Power Shell commands.

The situation, you want to modify the GAL, however, you discover that you cannot edit (or delete) the Default Global Address List.

Suggestion: Research the cmdlet new-Global Address List, in particular the -conditional family of parameters.

Try: get-help new-Global Address List -full Help with error message: ‘Access to address list service on all Exchange 2007 servers has been denied’ try the following.a) Simply repeat the command! c) Revert to the old trick of rebooting the server, maybe it has just received a ‘Patch’ or update.

Either leave the configuration alone, and just let Outlook users see the Default Global Address List; or else, take the time to study, plan, and test before you implement custom Address Lists.

Default Address Lists (See Screenshot right)Once you realize that there are a handful of built-in Address Lists, you soon realize that you could create your own Custom Address Lists.

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If you are doing this task for real, as opposed to just learning about Exchange 2007 Address Lists, then involve at a cross-section of users before you design a complex, multi-levelled, address list scheme only to find that the end-users hate it.

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