Dreamweaver cs5 template not updating child pages dating like a diva

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Dreamweaver cs5 template not updating child pages

To save an existing page in Dreamweaver as a template, choose File Save As Template.

We’ll show you how to design HTML templates, but you can also save other kinds of templates (including PHP, JSP, or ASP. Give each template a special name to identify it later and to help organize a site that uses many templates.

Unique features include drop-down menus, swap images and rollover buttons. These templates are fairly simple and may work well for those with minimal experience. The Wordpress Ecommerce is for anyone - Start your Wordpress store quickly and easily.Start by clicking on the edge of a region to select it—choose an HTML tag (div tags work best) that surrounds the contents you want to make editable.5 INSERT AN EDITABLE REGION After you select an area of the page you want to make an editable region, such as a Div tag, choose Insert Editable Region to add the necessary code in Dreamweaver.Remember, you don’t want to make everything editable, just the areas you’ll change; for example, the list of navigation links at the top of this template should not be editable regions, because then you’ll be able to update those areas on all of the pages that use this template at a later time by simply updating the template (see Step 9).6 NAME EDITABLE REGION Each time you insert an editable region into your page, you need to name it.Beginners, students and those requiring simple sites will find this group of companies exceptional and fun.Use these templates for business, personal quick start-up sites or school course study.

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Insert a name for your new region in the New Editable Region dialog and click OK.

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