Droid x news widget not updating

Posted by / 19-Jun-2020 17:53

Droid x news widget not updating

Weather, news, messages, and updates from your social networking contacts are pushed to your widgets as the updates happen.

See the instructions below for setting up and managing Widgets.

If I tap the widget, it refreshes and shows the correct time, otherwise it's stuck.

Anyone have a flip clock widget (ala HTC Sense clock), preferably with weather that will work with the Droid X and GB? Analog clocks seem to work, so my guess it's some sort of update/refresh service in GB is not working correctly.

I do not really want to remove it as i hate the stock 3 button interface at the bottom (why do i need a contacts and phone, just use the phone to look thru contacts, wasted space IMO) and am quite keen on keeping the 5 button. If i power off the phone and turn it back on it's fine again for about an hour.DROID X will aggregate all your social networking accounts in one place and provides updates back and forth between your accounts and the handset.After you have added a Social Networking application, if you find the Updates widget is blank or loading for an unusually long time, it could be a result of poor Signal strength or Wi-Fi coverage.If you have one that is not updating, try removing it and reinstalling the Widget Create widgets .Remove widgets To remove a widget from your Home screen, touch & hold the item.

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Remember that Samsung allows you to “pull” updates similarly to the way you can with Blur and the Droid X.