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Things started strong right out of the box, with Dahlia, the kids, and neighbor Nina (Margo Martindale) finding themselves caught up in a hostage situation after their attempted theft of a truck went horribly wrong.

Meanwhile, Wayne’s fortunes weren’t going much better, as he had to deal with the fate of Pete (Ayre Gross), the continuing presence of Dale (Todd Stashwick), and the drunken whining of the ever-unstable Hugh Panetta (Gregg Henry.) The family soon reunited, but it didn’t last long.

In the case of “The Riches,” it’s fair to say that the reason the show’s first season was a pretty decent out-of-the-box hit was the fact that it featured two extremely high-profile performers as its leads: Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver.

Maybe Dmitry Lipkin and Eddie Izzard will yet be able to continue the story of “The Riches” in some other medium, be it a miniseries or a feature film.

We can only hope this proves to be the case, as there are certainly many more stories yet to be told.

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Doug Rich, but it’s actually just a six-minute fluff piece which seems to have originally been made to promote the premiere of Season Two.