El salvador home and abroad dating sites

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El salvador home and abroad dating sites

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will follow you from any crowd if you’ve made at least one casual connection. Find the restaurant all out of (Yes, it has good vibes.)The actual translation is “to have glue,” but it’s the slang term for having a hangover and is used in other countries as well.

This is a minor swear word that loosely translated means, “oh, man! ”The multi-purpose exclamation works in almost any situation that locals use freely. While it’s not exclusive to El Salvador, it’s widely used so you should tuck this one into your slang kit.

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Don’t expect to hear the furry little friend with a wagging tail following you around the market called is a traditional Salvadoran dish made with white rice and black beans—and the two components, rice and beans, are said to “marry” when combined. This is a staple food, so it’s likely it’ll be offered at least once.

If you’re hungry, accept because while it’s simple fare it’s nourishing and tasty.

El Salvador is known as (land of the volcanoes) because, despite its size, it’s home to more than a dozen active volcanoes. It’s a large attraction, although as yet pretty much undiscovered by tourists so there’s still a chance to view and explore without the buzz of hundreds of voices. Now, already you can see that getting to know some local lingo will be important for your trip.

If you want to experience El Salvador the way natives do, your textbook Spanish alone won’t cut it.

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Are you the kind of traveler who likes hidden gems? This tiny Central American country has more to offer than most people realize.

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