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These Rallying Calls were to have various story beat checkpoints, but not always clear what exactly would trigger the next piece.

For example, a city is being built somewhere in the wilderness.

For example, rather than having an orc camp that spawns four orcs every fifteen minutes in the same exact same spot for all eternity, when those orcs spawned, they would seek out their own desires as a group and are affected by the actions of players both directly and indirectly.The playable world in EQN was hundreds of feet deep in any given location, so players could dig down and discover hidden caverns, temples, and all sorts of secrets.The depths of Norrath could be procedurally generated, and while player-created tunnels could be permanent, world events such as earthquakes could collapse them and new content will be left waiting to be discovered.Instead, players progressed through the class system similar to job systems found in some RPGs.Eight classes were to be available to choose from during character creation and around thirty-two more were planned to found within the game through quest rewards, loot, raids, etc.

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They could switch between their available classes at any time except while in combat.

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