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But what can guys do to up their dating game before they ever speak with a matchmaker? Are you giving attention to details, such as your hair, skin, and nails? We’re told in business to dress for the position we want, not the one we have. Your date will judge you based on how you treat those in service positions.

Keep reading for 11 professional matchmaking dating tips men can use to improve themselves, and put their best foot forward on a date. It’s important to ask yourself: are you healthy, happy, and confident? This doesn’t mean she’s making sure that you tip (though it shows generosity); she’s making sure that you show others respect.

Online Advice | Julie's Articles Mason Glenn has had a long career in the matchmaking industry and has spent his time helping high-caliber clientele in Los Angeles select eligible matches. Mason has the ability to read people based on their personality traits, relationship history, and biological thinking process. Frankie Bashan is the CEO and Founder of Little Gay, which focuses on personalized matchmaking for lesbians and bisexual women, and she has successfully connected singles across the United States for the last decade.

She is a licensed clinical psychologist with nearly two decades of experience working with singles and couples, and she has specialized training in the field of trauma. Frankie's Articles April is a dating expert, coach and professional profile writer for senior daters.

Meeting a variety of people will help you to get a better idea of what’s ultimately important to you in a mate.

It’s just as important to know what you dislike in a potential mate.

Her articles have been published nationally, and she is the lead contributor in our Senior Dating section.

Senior Advice | April's Articles Gina is a well-known online dating consultant, helping men and women maximize their online dating experiences to get more dates.

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Whether you’re on a date or mingling, it’s a good idea to have some variety.

Elite Connections can match two people, but you two have to have enough fun together to want to do it again.

If not, start taking care of number one so that you can show off your best self to your date. She’s also listening to how you speak about your mother.

Remember, if a woman meets a man through elite matchmaking, she will have high standards. If you’ve got a great attitude, you’ll catch her eye. Keep conversations light, check your attitude, and forget about the stress of work.

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