Gta iv dating sobohoe i am a scorpio woman dating a scorpio man

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Gta iv dating sobohoe

He fears that Playboy has moved on in the world and left him (and the street life) behind.

Playboy seems to have very little time for him anymore, which greatly bothers Dwayne as they were once like brothers together.

Her success is due mainly to the fact that she tends to keep her business low-key, while paying off or ordering the killings of the right people.

A crackdown on drug dealing has increased the level of pressure on Elizabeta, as police begin to focus more on her activities.

If you maintain a good friendship with Brucie, eventually he will offer a free helicopter service to Niko.

[9]===MALLORIE BARDAS=== Voiced by Elena Harvey Hurst.

She has recently developed a drug addiction, which is making her dangerously paranoid and delusional. Playboy X is a hustler, who was introduced to Niko by Elizabeta.

He lives a lavish lifestyle, with nothing but the finest women, cars and lifestyle accessories.==About GTA IV...== [1] Niko Bellic, the main character.In Grand Theft Auto 4 you take on the role of Niko Bellic, an immigrant from Eastern Europe with an ominous past.Kate is said to be the only genuinely good member of the Mc Reary family. Gerry is essentially the head of the Mc Reary crime family.You meet Kate (initially) in the second section of the storyline, after being introduced by Packie, and she eventually goes on to become Niko's girlfriend. Francis Mc Reary is a corrupt police officer who has dirt on Niko's past. He calls all the shots, and is the main representative of the family.

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Mallorie Bardas is dating Roman Bellic, Niko's cousin, but their relationship together is far from perfect - mainly due to Roman's incompetence.