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"Shikamaru nods.[A few seconds later...]Shikamaru is walking towards Konoha Hospital, with a sore neck and a red hand-shaped mark on his face.

He's a bit of a ladies man, even if he doesn't admit it.""Well, the worst thing that could happen to us is we all die," Konohamaru said.

"As fortune telling is a hobby of mine, I've done my research on both Konohamaru and Hanabi, studying their facial features, palm readings and foot structure."Go ahead and ask..."At that moment, the ride began to make a 90 Degree drop, causing the couple to scream for their lives as the ride went in a few loops, barrel rolls and a final corkscrew before reaching a smooth stop at the end of the ride.

"So, Konohamaru, don't you have something to ask me?

I hear that they have this awesome Roller Coaster you can ride on and knowing that you two are up for something exciting, you could propose to her sometime during or after the ride.

Inside the dining room were Hanabi, Hinata and Hiashi waiting for their .

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Source: reddit As for the kid training with Rock Lee...

I think that Rock Lee’s wife and baby mama is going to end up being Hanabi Hyuuga.

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But right now, the dining room is not being used for a meal as Hiashi looks at Konohamaru and Naruto before nodding in approval."I brought him here as you requested," Naruto announced to Hiashi.

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