Invalidating query cache entries key magento

Posted by / 11-Mar-2020 04:47

Note: A higher number of threads will reduce the amount of time required to cache all pages, however it will also consume more system resources. After first rendering of page, extension check allow/disallow rules, cacheable actions and save this page (with all blocks) to cache.Then extension will return cached page without new rendering.

REDIS allows to set a high values for the Cache Lifetime and store the cache for a long time.

If for product page price added as block (you have custom theme) you can exclude it this way.

You can't exclude price for product list, because FPC doesn't know which product should be used.

FPC updates page price if you change prices in admin panel.

So in most situations you don't need to exclude price.

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For default magento it will be catalog/product_view and catalog/product_list: Full Page Cache will work correctly with Redis, Memcache, Apc, OPcache, File Cache, Database, Varnish automatically without any additional configuration.