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Italy dating game hetalia

"The demo will be uploaded as a part of the first episode," says Kitsuki, "but there will be tons of features added, including more flow in the actual gameplay." "And," Naoto adds, "hopefully more interesting scenes." "This project," says Naoto, "will probably take us a year or more to finish.But for the sake of its players and for Kitsuki's hard work, we plan to make it to the end. Afterwards, a version with less bugs was released; however, a vital error froze the game in this version.The final version was posted shortly afterwards, along with a save file (which leads to a scene prior to the bug in the last version) linked in the comments.The game was originally made on RPG Maker XP and was launched as a demo in September 2012.Later, in December 2012, a playable version (Ibtalia 0.3) was released.In 15 August 2013, well before the release of any information regarding the game itself, an Insanitalia Youtube page was formed.

He appears only briefly in the demo, but he has a much larger role in the game as a whole.

He appears only briefly in the demo as the only other nation thus far to interact directly with America.

It has not been established whether or not he will play a major role in the game. He "appears" in the start of the game, communicating with America briefly by mobile.

He also mentions a summit, which may indicate another future setting of the game.

Another character to make contact with America by phone.

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But the graphics of the game include smaller, cozy maps that are easy to travel.

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