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Itemupdating event not

Digging through the internal XML structures of the DOCX and also the Content Type Schema and Field XML, I couldn’t find a reasonable explanation.

The library was configured with multiple Content Types, but the issue occurred only on some of them.

It could be because some “questionable” actions happened during the setup of the site, but it could as well be a bug in Share Point 2010 RTM or later.

Share Point 2010 and Share Point Online (Office 365) allow for custom development in the form of Sandbox Solutions.

As good an explanation as any, so feel free to chime in.

Further analysis, comparison and reflection showed that the problematic library was missing some Taxonomy-related Event Receivers.

There appear to be four (4) Taxonomy Event Receivers: The problematic library at the customer was lacking the first set of Event Receivers, which are responsible for syncing the hidden field. I can’t really explain why only some Content Types were affected.

There are two type of Share Point events: Asynchronous (After) and Synchronous (Along) events. are: Item Adding, Field Updating, Feature Deactivating etc…

(like all those events that are having “-ing” as suffix). are: Item Added, Field Updated, Feature Activated etc…

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From the list table, you can see if we hook into the Item Updating event, we can compare the current item’s value (properties.

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