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Venus is another player in astrological sign compatibility.Venus doesn't have much to do with sex, but it is the planet of love. [ ..about Aries ] Monthly Horoscope Taurus: Honesty and openness will prove to show you relationships that offer fulfillment and satisfaction ...[ ..about Taurus ] Monthly Horoscope Gemini: Do not let your doubts or lack of confidence create suffering for you ...Gemini: Expect a stroke of good fortune - such as being supplied with tickets to a concert that was sold out months ago, being offered an opportunity from someone you both respect, or having a bid accepted on a joint purchase you both want very much.This is also a good time for the two of you to circulate, attend social or cultural events, and be with people.

Pisces, it’s hot and cold drama for you this month.[ ..about Leo ] Monthly Horoscope Virgo: Taking extra care and time with each other will be helpful ...[ ..about Virgo ] Monthly Horoscope Libra: Try to keep a soft style in your matters of the heart this month ...Sagittarius, this November you can’t help chase someone who is the polar opposite to you.We know dating can be exhausting, Capricorn, so you may need to take a breather from all that dating this November.

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[ ..about Gemini ] Monthly Horoscope Cancer: Those who are single will find that attractions are blooming ...

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