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Life validating

The policy paper outlines the political demands of the European Youth Forum and its member organisations in view of the negotiations and adoptions of the Erasmus successor programme within the post-2020 EU Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF).While acknowledging that the Erasmus successor programme needs to cover education in all contexts and at all levels, be it formal education, non-formal education and informal learning, this policy paper focuses on the objectives of the separated youth and non-formal education chapter of the Erasmus successor Programme.This causes repetition of certain project deliverables and activities which require a lot of project time and resources such as writing of project and life cycle documents.Establishing a lean governance structure, standard operating procedures, and interpreting regulation on the organizational level will help your project team to follow the right regulation within the project and during operations.

The policy debate, ‘Validation of learning outcomes: opportunities and threats for non-formal education’, brought together participants from national and international organisations as well as representatives from the European Commission and the EESC.

Identifying regulatory requirements in a very early phase of the project and keeping them up-to-date along the system life cycle will ensure compliance with current Gx P regulation.

In general validation strategy and planning is authorized on projects for systems to be developed or configured and tested.

All validation activities will have value in the project itself when integrating it with documenting the business process and requirements as well as the system design, development, building and testing.

Having a scope and strategy as well as a clear change management process in place are key aspects of validation process.

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A Traceability Matrix is the heart of a computerized system and therefore one of the most imported documents which should be created within a project and maintained in operations during the life cycle of a system.