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Matt leinhart dating

Things between Matt and Brynn seem to be amicable, but there was a time when they were battling over child support.

At one point early on, Cameron supposedly wanted ,000 a month from Leinart.

I've realized that's what it comes to -- people talking. Nah, I don't think I can fill anybody's shoes; I'll just be me.

I have a bunch of friends in that world, and I've realized that when it comes to that stuff, people blow things out of proportion. I don't pay too much attention to people talking about what goes on in the celebrity world. You admit to a lot of friends in the celebrity world. All that plays a part in this impression people have, and of course, being here in Los Angeles with all the press and perception. Think you can fill Broadway Joe's shoes if you go to New York?

You may recall that Griffin collaborated with Jordan to produce a pre-draft hype video for the NFL prospect two years ago.

Let's see, I was with my agent, and my publicist called, and we were all having this discussion about things that weren't necessarily good. Think you could best all of those guys on the catwalk? Actually, they had me and Reggie [Bush] do a little catwalk thing not too long ago, so I have a little bit of experience. I can get dolled up and have some fun from time to time, but I'm a freaking sweats-and-shorts kind of guy! All those basketball players come to mind, you know? I love getting dressed up in a nice suit every once in awhile, but every day, I'm in jeans or sweats and a T-shirt. I have learned that I need a lot more outfits than I have now. I can put together a white shirt and a tie, or something, but I need help in the color-coordinating department. But that's the thing that makes Sharapova so sexy -- she looks good but she also plays really well. I would have to say that Maria Sharapova is right up there for me. Those snowboard girls are pretty attractive, and Anna Kournikova -- when she was an athlete, I guess -- was by far, hands down, right up there. All right, so without inhibition, who is the hottest female athlete? Hey, I'm telling you, this could be a hefty advantage on draft day.

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We’re also learning that she has a baby with Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin.

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  1. The fact that you’re 34 and want kids may be what drove you to ask this question, but it’s a smokescreen for the fact that you’re in a two-year relationship with someone who doesn’t fully make you happy.