Menstruation chat adult oap dating agency

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Menstruation chat adult

African-American girls tend to get their periods earlier, and athletes tend to get them later.There are, of course, are always exceptions to those “rules”! Help her create an “emergency stash” of maxi-pads to keep with her, so she will feel better prepared when her period strikes.Although there’s no way to tell when you’ll get your first period, it usually occurs during puberty — between the ages of 10 and 14 — and about two years after breasts begin to develop.However, your period may start earlier or later — everyone develops at their own pace.Here’s how periods work: Periods typically occur about once per month and can last anywhere from two to seven days at a time.

Let her know that this can be normal, and that her menstrual cycle may take a few months to regulate.

You can explain that periods should come every 28 days, but may come anywhere between 21-35 days, and usually last about 3-7 days.

And explain that blood flow is heaviest during the first 1-3 days, and becomes less toward the end.

As the female body matures and develops, one of the biggest changes you may experience is getting your period (also known as menstruation).

However, it’s important to note that not everyone who is born with female sex organs identifies as female or a girl, and that’s OK.

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You’re more likely to get pregnant during certain days of your cycle (the monthly menstrual process).

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