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No credit cards or paume t need free date lines cleveland ohio

God bless my brother gone to war across the seas, in France, so far. A; Jewish Welfare Board; ALA; The Salvation Army; War Camp Community Service; and the National Catholic War Council. / I am the day's work of the weakest man, / and the largest dream of the most daring. ©1917 Join the Army Air Service : be an American eagle! Read the illustrated booklet at any recruiting office, or write to the chief signal officer of the Army, Washington, D. approximately 1917 Mine more coal : President Wilson demands coal to win the war : "The existing scarcity of coal is creating a grave danger - in fact the most serious which confronts us - and calls for prompt and vigorous action on the part of both operators and miners. "It is with full confidence that I call upon you to assume the burden of producing an ample supply of coal." Woodrow Wilson. Serve to win without a gun : wear this button : it means that you have joined the United States Public Service Reserve to work, in emergencies, where you may best help to win the war : sign-up today at any office : Pennsylvania Committee of Public Safety. : rumors on subjects connected with the war have been put out orally and in some newspapers. They are sent out to keep this country from putting its whole strength into the war. Universal military training will insure national safety : George Washington said: "to be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace … write your Congressman and both senators to vote for the Chamberlain bill ... [1917] Grow rye : our government has called upon Connecticut to double her rye crop. We must fight this war, not lying down but standing up. How you can help in pursuance of a requisition from a com-mittee appointed by the war emergency meeting, I hereby recommend …

Oh, may his fight for liberty, save millions more than little me from cruel fates or ruthless blast,- and bring him safely home at last. A little America's promise : I'll eat corn-meal, oatmeal, and rice. Caton Woodville 1918" ; "This painting will form a historic souvenir of a historic event--the entry of British troops into the outskirts of Mons on the day of the Armistice, November 11, 1918, amid the joyful welcome of the inhabitants. / I am the constitution and the courts, / statutes and the statute makers, soldier and / dreadnaught, drayman and street sweep, / cook, counselor and clerk. / My stars and my stripes are your dream / and your labors. : Don't wait for the next man to make up his mind--enlist now!

The product made in this plant is used for building ships. tout contrevenant aux ordres qui précèdent sera puni avec toute la rigueur des lois. YMCA : "A sense of obligation for the varied and useful service rendered by the Y. " : Gain an hour of daylight : "just set the clock ahead one hour, Uncle - no longer working day for anybody - but all of it in daylight. National War Savings Committee of California (South)"--text, sheet pasted on verso of poster. The American ambulance in Russia : 527 Fifth Avenue, New York : This is the only American ambulance now saving lives in Russia : send contributions to executive office, 527 Fifth Ave., New York City, Room 501. If you are physically fit and between 18 and 45 years of age, are you really satisfied with what you are doing to-day? Do you feel happy as you walk along the streets and see other men wearing the King's uniform? What will you say in years to come when people ask you 'where did you serve in the great war"? What would happen to the empire and Canada if every man stayed at home? : Find out : then enlist to help win the war : consult or write the Recruiting Committee the Mayor's Committee on National Defense Hall of Records Chambers Street New York. 1918 Cercle national pour le soldat de Paris : 15, Rue Chevert (VIIe) : cercle militaire des troupes de la garnison …

the ships can be completed only as fast as the material and equipment for each ship arrives at the shipyard. Use this extra hour of daylight for your country." United Cigar Stores Company. Uncle Sam expects you to make good your war savings pledge : have you bought your July allotment? Display this poster in your window on these days: Sunday, July 28th, to Wednesday, July 31st, Inc. Let us remember : that between July 23rd and 28th, 1914 Austria-Hungary without consulting Italy, her ally, presented to Serbia a brutal ultimatum, which has no equal among civilized nations, and declared war on her. Let us all remember that in order to win a lasting peace, Germany's military power must be forever crushed! Originated and Produced for the Liberty Loan Committee entirely by members of the American Expeditionary Force." A wonderful opportunity for you : United States Navy offers to American citizens, of good character, of ages 17 to 29, inclusive, and in sound physical condition, the best chance to see the world, save money, learn a trade and serve their country. Approved by the Committee on Public Information and shown by permission of the War and Navy Departments : Joseph Pennell's original drawings of war works in America : Rosenbach Galleries, 1320 Walnut St. 1918 Fédération des Républicains Democrates du Finistère : mes chers concitoyens, le pavillon du Président Wilson flotte sur la rade de Brest … Vive la grande république des Etats-Unis d'Amérique! If you can use tools you are wanted : your country needs ships and men to build them - armies, munitions and supplies are useless in this war without ships to transport them - go to the nearest shipyard and offer your services - you can thus help to win the war and make the world safe for democracy. Navy Recruiting Station or the postmaster of your home town. Includes two photographs of planes; "Thousands of skilled mechanics have enlisted in the Air Service for work in the airdromes, close up behind the lines … : your king and country need you : enlist to-day : god save the king and the boys! Christmas 1918 comfort bags or "sacs de surprises" : 20,000 of them from Illinois will be needed to supply the wounded boys in French hospitals : .50 sends one over there : practically every wounded soldier has lost his pocket knife and all other little necessary comforts which these bags contain : the American fund for French wounded : 60 East Washington Street, Chicago. Entièrement Gratuit : ouvert tous les jours de 14 heures à 20 heures à tous les militaires en uniforme … Demacby et cie, banquiers, 27 rue de Londres : Pour souscrire s'adresser: M. Union des familles Françaises et Alliées sous le haut patronage de monsieur le président de la République : 9, Rue Laffittee, 9.

: Buy war savings stamps and thrift stamps : 4% compounded quarterly. : America's first line of action : be one of the leaders in your community by enlisting today! ] Locomotives & shrapnel : our nation needs locomotives as much as shrapnel. And nice sweet hominy; corn flakes and mush with lots of milk are good enough for me. It places on record also the kind of mutual greetings which were exchanged between / our men and the people. / For you are the makers of / the flag and it is well that you glory in the making." War conference : Kansas State Council of Defense and Food Administration : Colby March 7 : Learn how the Kaiser's program of conquest has been carried through thus far by years-old schedule; the meaning of the latest events in Europe; what Prussian victory would mean to America; what you can do to help America win the war and bring enduring peace to the whole world. You are boss of the coal pile and your fight is to save the coal to help the boys "over there." Your work is part of the war work of the country. Wspomagajcie wiernie tych ktorzy są na linii bojowej!

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Reproduction of James Whistler's "Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1" (also known as "Whistler's Mother") ; "Poster No. Issued by the National War Savings Committee, Salisbury Square."--text, bottom right margin. To everyone in this plant: this plant is engaged upon government work : every person here owes the United States a duty to do his utmost to make material for our ships carefully and speedily . Our country needs ships : to carry our boys "over there" and keep them well supplied with food, clothing and the munitions of war. J'ai reçu le mandat de défendre Paris contre l'envahisseur. République Française : camp retranché de Paris Ordre de Mobilisation : 1er arrêté relatif à la réserve de l'armée territoriale : Département de Seine-et-Marne … 25000 boys wanted for the biggest job on Earth : join the Pennsylvania Division United States Boys' Working Reserve and help to win the war : non-military, emergency service for boys aged 16 to 21 years : workers receive pay and earn a badge of honor : apply at any enrollment office of Pennsylvania Committee of Public Safety. I have opportunity to observe its operations, measure the quality of its personnel and mark its beneficial influence upon our troops, and I wish unreservedly to commend its work for the Army." Pershing : United War Work Campaign November 11-18, 1918." 1918 "Saving daylight! do as our forefathers did in 1776 enlist : Army Recruiting Office : open day and night. [The Second Annual 1917 Subscription to The Year 1914 (Our Redemption), a Magazine of Literary, Artistic, Political, and Economic Commentary, Is Now Open.] 4 questions to men who have not enlisted : 1. Vous qui appartenez aux plus prochaines classes appelées à l'honneur de servir sous les drapeaux, préparez-vous à tenir dignement votre place dans la phalange héroïque de vos aînes. Enfants de France, espoir de demain, préparez-vous! Assurez l'avenir de la Race et la défense de la Patrie!